2 Electrical Socket Productions does not currently solicit web site design contracts. Our focus is content creation. But there are two instances when we will consider designing web sites:
  1. As part of a package including a significant level of content created by Electrical Socket Productions.
  2. As a service to small-sized businesses and organizations who sponsor or promote creativity, imagination, the arts and the expansion of the web in positive directions.
So what do we mean by all of that? Well, if you have approached Electrical Socket Productions to create an eye-catching feature for your new site, we will design your site to mesh with the content and create a pleasing web site. The other situation is if you are a small group or organization promoting one of the above causes. Your organization must be out to foster a creative environment for the benefit of the internet and society. Profit is not your aim but an innovative and creative site is.

In addition, Electrical Socket Productions is very excited to work out barter exchanges. If your organization or business does not have the funds to develop your web site, contact us to discuss services or goods we might be able to exchange with you for a finished web site.

Why are we turning away the bulk of web page design contracts? Because there are too many talented web page design firms out there. We'd be silly to try and compete with them when our bread and butter, and more importantly our heart and soul lies in content creation. Web Page Design

Each member of the collaboration known as Electrical Socket Productions has designed web pages at some point. Many of us hold jobs elsewhere designing web sites. Electrical Socket Productions is a labor of love, so we get to do whatever we want. Isn't that cool?

Now, having said all of that, if you came to us and didn't fit into any category above and asked us nicely to design your site, we'd consider it. We're not stupid. (Well some of us have been called that before, but...) We will seriously consider the job. But realize our time goes first and foremost to content. Anything we have left to give will go to the next in line.

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